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A unique Jewel dated 1740

El Palacio

El Palacio is an 18th century palace, built overlooking the ancient town on the highest and most exclusive point of the city of Ibiza, this exclusive location was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999.

Palacio Bardaji Ibiza

A Palace with History

Aiboshim, the city of Bes, was founded by the Phoenicians in the year 654 B.C. The small village was made up of numerous arches, a small harbor, temples and markets, growing rapidly under the Carthaginian into a commercial city of 5000 inhabitants, who then started to export merchandise throughout the Mediterranean sea.

After the decline of Carthage in 146 B.C., the island came under the influence of the Roman Empire and was renamed 'Flavius Ebusus'.

This continued for approximately 500 years until the Vandals conquered the island, being replaced themselves by the Byzantines and the Arab invaders. The city was conquered on August 8 1235 by the Guillem de Montgri, Pere de Portugal and the noble Nuno Sanc, all of them under the orders of Jaime I, The Conquistor, King Of Aragon. The Ancient town was known as 'Dalt Vila', meaning high city and was fortified by Felipe II to protect the city against the attacks of Ottomans and pirates of the middle ages.

The medieval part of the 'high town' was placed under the protection of UNESCO in 1999.